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Draw 'Tasha. Fucking do it. Like, right now. And burn me a better CD, tonight, too. I know exactly why you fuckin' shoved me back in my box fer the better part of a goddamn year, an' I ain't fuckin' standing for it.

Those other guys all got another shot too - hell of a lot faster than I did. You got some goddamn makin' up to do.

In fact ... redo the Nearly Impossible project. And fucking finish it, this time.

Fuck the past in the ass,
~ Pickles
you're a million ways to be cruel, buster

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Funny, isn't it ... how the four of us are starting to heal each other. ... even funnier where this song I'm suddenly so fond of originally came from.

Do you think they'll ever know how grateful we are, for what they're doing for you and I?

... I hope so.

And thank you, too. Just because I'm ... not good at talking ... it doesn't mean I don't like to.
you're a million ways to be cruel, buster

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I know you're excited you finally found a place to start, but ... Save it for tomorrow, okay? You need sleep. You're sick. I can't help you learn all this new stuff if you're sick - you were practically drooling on the keyboard, for all the mental faculty you had, today. No, no, no, no, no.

And by the way? The guy that keeps stealing my glasses is WRONG. Bad writing is okay. It helps you figure out what's good. And I know you liked writing again, last night. I know you haven't done it in a long time, and ... the Doctor, he's proud of you. We all are.

Don't think. Just write. Once you get far enough in, you won't be thinking about anything else. And that's what you need, right?

Just ... make sure Allison's going to be free, when you write the Oubliee scene. I don't think either of us is going to be in a good place, after that gets down on "paper".

Please, though, just ... I ... we can't work with you when you do this to yourself.

Come home. We miss you. Doesn't that still count?
and these are my shiny teeth!, torchwood

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... No.

No, no, no, no.

Flagrant disobedience, Jack?

Like you wouldn't believe.

Just ... No. I don't even want to know. I think ... I think I need to go and ... well. "Take a nap" for a while. This ...
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Writing sample for Paradisa ... I had no beta, but since I still feel like it came out well, I decided to put it here. I had to rush it along just a bit at the end, because I was having too much fun, and realized it was getting a little long for an application sample ... but other than that, I like it.

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we'll make it I swear

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Annnnnnnd hi, now you know for certain why I'm here. As if you didn't know the first time you saw that scene.

4.5% chance of success is better than no chance at all. I'm gonna stand by that, even if that number drops. Whatever happens to me and mine. And you should, too. Don't just speak your heart, act on it. Every time you stop and think, lately, you get upset. Why are you even thinking, when you already know how you feel? When you think, you doubt, and you just sit.

Sitting is not allowed unless it's in a very badass chair. And, uh, sorry, but that's my chair and you can't have it.